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Sabay is the leading media and digital entertainment provider in Cambodia, active in online games, digital music, TV, movie distribution, news and more! Sabay News is the number one Khmer content website with more than 20 million page views per month!

Sabay Digital Corporation is the leading digital media and entertainment group in Cambodia. Our diverse brands share a common mission: help our customers get the most out of the online revolution.

With cutting-edge services, engaging content and leading online properties, we want Sabay (meaning “Happiness”) to always be associated with awesomeness. We strive to innovate in everything we do: online and mobile gaming, movies, infrastructure, content platforms and more.

We are proud to have in our portfolio Sabay News, the most visited Khmer website. Cambodia is an exciting country with a dynamic youth community eager to play an active role in the digital era.

Sabay Digital Corporation (formerly known as CIDC Information Technology) was formed in 2007 to help meet this demand, with new services and products including online content and mobile entertainment. Sabay is a forward thinking pioneer and has been the first to introduce online gaming, unified SMS content and original online entertainment (news, movies, music and TV) in the Kingdom of Wonder.

Our vision is to be a source of inspiration for the youth of Cambodia in their pursuit of happiness and our mission is to make every interaction with Sabay an awesome experience.

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