Risk and Compliance Manager

Job Overview

ក្រុមហ៊ុន ម៉េងលី ជេ. គួច អេឌ្យូខេសិន (Mengly J. Quach Education)

Job Title:

Risk and Compliance Manager

Close Date:

Nov 11, 2020


Phnom Penh, 🇰🇭 Cambodia









English (Good)

Job Category:

Education / Training

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Job Requirement / Qualifications

- At least Bachelor Degree in Business Management, Human Resources Management, Laws, Finance and relevant fields (MA preferred)
- A minimum 5 working experiences in risk and compliance
- Demonstrate strong knowledge risks identification, assessment, management frameworks
- Strong knowledge control frameworks the ability design evaluate effectiveness controls embedded within business processes
- Knowledge of laws and regulations and education standards.
- Excellent communication skills, including English and writing skills
- Ability work independent, team, under pressure highly self-motivated
- Knowledge of statistics and data collection, organizational, interpersonal skills
- Strong sense urgency high level commitment determination delivers great result
- Strong communication and reconciliation
- Computer literate MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Internet E-mail

Job Duties / Responsibilities

- To establish necessary policies procedures in order, manage risk within government’s applicable laws and regulations.
- To communicate risk policies processes in order to ensure that the potential risk management is integrated into daily operations.
- To monitor, coordinate and assist business departments/units register risks, including mitigation plan control.
- To produce report tailored the relevant stakeholders about most significant risks to ensure business heads understand risks that might affect departments as well as individuals understand their own accountability and individual risks.
- To communicate explain external risk posed by corporate governance stakeholders.
- To create business continuity plans.
- To conduct policy compliance audits, this will include liaising with internal external auditors.
- To review new major contracts internal business proposals.
- To Review the strategy and approach for new and emerging operational risks.
- To oversee enterprise risk management and program, ensuring that policies, controls, testing and reporting are in place. To ensures that corrective measures are undertaken in a timely fashion.
- To ensure new products, projects or business changes are approved and are introduced within a prescribed process, including the appropriate management of risks.
- To perform a risk assessment and a risk evaluation and establish the level of risk that MJQE is willing to take.
- To develop risk awareness, deliver training, and support for all employees involved, ensuring that all have a good understanding of risk management and compliance issues.
- To assess the organization and recommend, prioritize and implement relevant organizational and service-specific quality policies.
- To make recommendations and implement quality assurance, ensuring that the systems and process are in place and working to meet any standards set for achievement.
- To prioritize and escalate issues resulting in non-compliance.
- To ensure all works are carried out in accordance with any quality assurance system or service quality standards.
- To hands-on development risk models, assure controls operating effectively, provide and analytical support.
- Other tasks assigned by the Founder, Chairman and CEO.

How To Apply

Interested candidates, please use contact detail below to apply for the job

Company Name: ក្រុមហ៊ុន ម៉េងលី ជេ. គួច អេឌ្យូខេសិន (Mengly J. Quach Education)
Contact Person: Ms. Song Chariya
E-mails: 1 hr@mjqeducation.edu.kh
Phones: 1 012 797939
Websites: 1 http://www.ais.edu.kh
2 www.aii.edu.kh
3 www.mjqeducation.edu.kh
4 www.mjqjob.com
Address: #11A, St. 402 Sangkat Tomnup teuk, Khan ChomkaMorn. phnom penh
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